Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Girls as of Late

I have noticed I have been terrible at blogging lately, especially since having Charlotte! Charlotte is now 5.5 months old and is getting so so big! She is the most happy baby I have ever seen and loves to smile at anyone and everyone. It doesn't take much to make her happy and she usually only cries when hungry, needs bum changed or sleepy. Charlotte absolutely LOVES her big sister Leah and grins from ear to ear when she is around. She loves her Swing that Grandma Lora and Aunt Sadie gave her but also loves to be on the ground especially in just her diaper! She loves to roll onto her tummy but then gets mad because she can't remember how to roll back. She sleeps mostly through the night and takes a couple naps a day. She is not as good a sleeper as Leah was at this age, but we are working on it. I recently started cereal but she isn't quite ready for that yet. She absolutely LOVES her bottles and if you take it away at anytime she will SCREAM! I love my little bug, bugaboo and baby girl.

Leah is now 3 yrs 9 months and such a girly girl, which is partly my fault :). She loves anything and everything having to do with princesses and can be found most days wearing some type of princess dress up dress. She is in preschool and can say her ABC's and recognizes some letters. She also can count up to 6 in spanish and up to 20 in English! She loves her teacher Miss Lici and can't wait to go back next year. Leah is also in ballet/jazz and LOVES it! Leah loves to dance, sing and play pretend. She has a great imagination and comes up with lots of games to play on her own. Her best friend is Bridgette and she gets so excited when they get to play together. Leah is not a big eater BUT is really tall and healthy. She would much rather be playing than eating UNLESS it's Rumbi Grill Noodles which she loves! Her favorite color right now is Pink and she loves getting her hair curled by mommy. I love my Baby, Bubba my Leah girl.

I love my 2 little cuties!

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Cody and Chauntelle said...

Your girls are growing up so fast! It seemed like yesterday Leah was a baby, and when Charlotte was born! Good to see you guys are doing well! I got a new blog, it's set to private but if you message me like on facebook your email I will add you if you want! :)